Help & Tips

1 - Patient Registration


Adding a patient is one of the first steps to start your appointments. There is no mandatory field in the patient record, you can freely add any data you find important.




It is possible to add patients directly from the scheduling screen too.

To edit a patient, just click on his name, both on the patient screen and on the scheduling screen.


Adding a picture to the patient is an option available for Premium subscriptions and there are two ways to add a picture of the patient, via your device's camera or using a photo already saved on your device


Patients Patient Name or or < / p>


If you want to change the patient's picture, just do the same process, a new photo will be recorded over the current one.


Adding files to the patient record is a function available only for Premium subscriptions, to start, you must have a Google account, to have access to Google Drive, a Google Drive account is free and allows you to save up to 15GB of data

It is possible to add both image files, such as .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, etc. Remembering that files that are not images, the system will download to your device, instead of opening directly on the system


Patients Patient Name


Remembering that it is necessary to log into Google and authorize the use of Google Drive


It is possible to issue a growth chart for children and teenagers, filling in the vital signs, this option is only enabled for patients under 18 years old. The data are saved and ordered by date of filling (which can be changed in the upper right corner), and after it’s saved can’t be changed.

It is possible to organize the growth chart by height, weight, BMI.


Patients Patient Name Vital Signs (To fill in) or Growth (For the chart)


To change the date, just click on the current date and enter the desired date. Remembering that if the incorrect date is entered, it will be necessary to delete and insert the data again.

Growth charts are issued by the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization)

Vital signs also allow you to do other types of monitoring such as temperature, pulse and a pain scale


It is possible to view the Patients Records history. Not only that, but also download it in .pdf or print the Patients Record with all the changes made. It is a good alternative for clinics that make evolutions and check whether or not there were changes in that record


Patients Patient Name Patients Records Record you want to view


To download in .pdf just press the button with

And to print the button with


The unification is used to associate two records of the same patient in just one record, in order to avoid duplication in the system.


Patients Menu "..." Unify


Only the admin user has access to patient merge.

The merge will always keep the lowest code, regardless of which patient you open to do the merge.

Only Google Drive files need to be copied manually. Or the two remaining data will be transferred automatically after the merge.

2 - Organizing the Agenda


Scheduling an appointment is the main feature of our system, so you can have control of your hours and work done throughout the month.
In the scheduling screen, fill in the Patient's name and select the register you want to schedule or press to add a new patient and schedule it right away.


Schedule Time you would like to schedule


You can edit the Value of the appointment in the button, next to the value. You will be able to add discounts by placing the "-" sign in front of the amount, changing payment methods and making notes about payments.
Check out some actions you can do with your schedule on the button , how to repeat for other days and increase the duration.
And don't forget to press the button to save the schedule or any changes


The appointment types are identifiers for you to know by which process the patient is scheduled, it is possible to change and add new appintment types, being able to change the identification value and color of that appointment type.


Settings Types


It is necessary to press the button between changing and adding a appointment type.
To edit a Appointment Types, just click on it and the information will appear at the top of the Types screen, if you fill it in directly, it will add a new type when saving.
You can remove a Appointment Types by pressing next to the value.

Only Premium subscribers are able to increase the duration of a type of appointment, increasing the time that that service occupies on the agenda


It is possible to change the time of an appointment at any time. Regardless of your subscription, there are two ways to do it. After opening the appointment screen, press on the date and time in the screen header, a calendar will open, you can either select the appointment date or write it manually.

The other way is by following the path below.


Schedule Change Date / Time


With the Premium subscription it is possible to appoint more than one patient at the same time


Schedule Add one more


Each period occupies one more time on your agenda. And the appointments will appear in the order they are added


It is possible to make the appointment repeat, for specific days, Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly.


Schedule Repeat


Repeating a appointment with value will cause the value to repeat in the report. It is recommended that if you are going to repeat as a return, do without the type of appointment scheduled.


It is possible to make your appointment last longer than just the time you set for your appointments. For example, if you make an appointment for 1 hour (60 minutes), but need to do some 2 hours (120 minutes), so as not to change your entire schedule, or redo the same schedule twice, you can increase the duration of it.


Appointment Duration


Each period is equivalent to one time on your schedule.

For Premium subscribers, it is possible to increase the duration of a Type of Appointment.


Synchronizing with Google Calendar allows you to exchange information with and vice versa. This way you can see the other appointments of the day in the application you want.


For sync: Settings Google Calendar Enable

To update: Agenda (Next to the Agenda date) Sync Google Calendar


The update button allows you to select where you want to share / update with the data from the other account Google

Appointments made at will be updated in Google Calendar, if it has not been updated automatically


Schedules made in Google Calendar will be updated in, it is necessary to update more often, as it is not done automatically.

3 - Reminders


You can leave pre-defined and apply keywords to automatically fill in some fields of the message, such as patient name, professional name, professional credentials and even a confirmation link.
WhatsApp messages need to be sent manually, using the app on your mobile device or WhastAppWeb on your computer.
When pressing the send message button, the request to open your application will appear and the message already assembled will appear to send.


To Personalize: Settings WhatsApp Select .. New
To Send: Patients Patient Name Message you want to send
Scjediçe -> Patient Appointment WhatsApp (Below the patient's name) Message you want to send


To apply a keyword, just click on the one with the name of the data you want to fill in automatically.

If no keyword is included and the message is sent through the appointment screen, the scheduling date and time will be included.

The WhatsApp message format commands are:

  • *Bold*
  • _Italian_
  • ~Strikethrough~
  • `` `Monospace```


Birthday notifications, is a system used to always be connected to patients, interacting and congratulating them in a practical way. Remembering that it will only appear on the exact day the patient has his/her birthday.


Click on Notification Birthdays of the day and search for "Learn more" Confirm after checking the message settings Send to selected patient.

Key words:
birthday, birthday, remember birthday, congratulate.

4 - Organizing the Clinic


Adding professionals in the clinic is an exclusive feature of the Premium subscription and allows access to other professionals in the clinic. There are two possible profiles to add:

Professional Profile (With Appointments):
The user will have his own agenda.

Receptionist Profile:
The user will have receptionist access to all professional agendas

Patient Records Profile:
Only for receptionists who need access to the medical records, the recorded records were in the name of the selected professional.

Profile Medical Records All:
The user will be able to view all the medical records of all professionals in the clinic.

Financial Profile:
The user will be able to view reports and financial information.
If the profile Allows Changing Professionals is checked, the user will be able to see the financial information of other professionals as well.

Payment Profile:
User will be able to adjust/add/remove payments for patients.

Expenses Profile:
The user will be able to view/add expenses.
If the profile Allows Changing Professionals is checked, the professional will be able to see the expenses of other professionals as well.

Scheduling Profile:
The user can make/cancel appointments
If unchecked, the professional will only be able to view the appointments made.

Patient Profile:
The user will be able to view the patient record.

Patient Contact Profile:
The user will be able to view patient contact information (email, address, and phone number).

Change Settings Profile:
The user will be able to view and change the settings.
If you have the Allows Changing Professionals profile, you will be able to change the settings of other professionals as well.

Allow Choose Professionals: The user will be able to view/change the schedules of other professionals.
When marked, the user will be able to select other professionals and have access to all the information of other professionals.

Member Enabled:
The user will be an active member in the system.
If you need to remove a user's access from the system (temporarily or permanently), you can use this option to keep your history accessible.

The configuration of profiles is done by clinic, if you have more than one registered clinic, you must configure this for each clinic.


Settings members
This option is only available to the clinic's administrator user.


After filling in the professional's name and e-mail, press to add him to your clinic. The professional will receive an email with a password, where the login is the professional's own email
It is also possible, in the members area, to select what the professional in question can access to Records, Financial Reports, Payments, Expenses and if he is a professional with a schedule, if he can access other Profiles with a schedule

You can increase or decrease the number of professionals in your subscription at any time, making a new subscription at for the correct number of professionals or by contacting our support, by email or WhatsApp


We offer resources for creating and storing Patient records, Prescription, and Certificate. These essential documents can be easily attached to patient profiles, providing instant and secure access to crucial information about medical history, health conditions, prescribed treatments, and patient instructions.


Settings Templates Medical Records, Prescription, or Medical Certificate


It is possible to customize the text of Medical Records, Medical Certificates, and Prescriptions using the commands displayed in the "Format Text" option.

To edit a template, simply select it, make the changes, and save.


It is possible to create form templates to facilitate filling in information about the patient.


Settings -> Forms


When adding the form to the patient's record, he will follow the response type rule. And when it is edited it will be treated as a text format.

The types of responses are:

Yes or No: A box where only the option of yes or no can be selected

Short text: Short information with limited number of characters

Long text: More detailed information with a larger character limit

Multiple Choice: A box where only one option can be selected among several

Checkbox: A box where several options can be selected

Dropdown List: A list from which only one option can be selected


Patient records: The medical record is a detailed and confidential record of a patient's medical history in a healthcare institution. It contains information about diagnoses, treatments, tests, allergies, and other relevant information for the patient's medical care.

Prescription: A prescription is a document issued by a licensed physician or healthcare professional, prescribing medications for a patient. It provides accurate information about the medication, dosage, administration form, and instructions for the patient to follow during the treatment.

Certificate: A medical certificate is a document issued by a physician or healthcare professional confirming a patient's medical condition. It can be used to justify absences from work or school, providing information about the patient's inability to perform their activities due to medical reasons.


Patients or Appointments Green Button


It is possible to select one or more templates already created in the system to facilitate the filling out of information.

5 - Financial


There are some differences between the reports available in the basic version and in the Premium subscription.

The free subscription allows you to view the gross amount earned in that month, or day, the amounts that have already been paid by patients and the amounts that are still pending.

It is also possible to check the total of appointments made, if there were absences or cancellations, an average of which type of scheduling is most performed and also a graph showing which days of the week had the most appointments




To change the display date, just select the month and day from the two buttons at the top of the screen.


With Premium subscription, you can view the gross and net amount, the amounts that have already been paid by the patients and the amounts that are still pending and the expenses on that day or month.

It is also possible to check the total of appointments made, if there were absences or cancellations, an average of which type of scheduling is most performed and also a graph showing which days of the week had the most appointments.

In addition, it is possible to print reports, Cancellations, Patients in Debt, Monitoring of patients, Transfer of professionals, among others.




The two buttons at the top of the screen, next to the print button, allow you to change the display date by selecting the month and day in both. And you can select the report you want to print, using the button below.


With the Premium subscription it is possible to issue various types of reports, they are used to check the progress, situation of patients, financial, or monitoring.




  • Patient Follow-UP: Allows you to see which patients have been away from the clinic for so long. It can be seen from 14 days that the patient does not attend. Can be filtered by appointment type as well. You can, for example, see patients who have not been seen for more than 3 months.
  • Absences: Shows how many absences you had in the month or on a specific day of that month.

  • Cancellations: Shows how many cancellations there were in the month or on a specific day of that month. Remembering that deleted appointments are not listed as canceled
  • Patients in Debt : Shows which patients are pending payment at the clinic and the total amount of the pending. The date shows when it was the day of the first pendency.
  • Appointments by Type: Shows appointments for the month or day, separated by type. It is possible to check the totals for a type of care, which patients received that care and which day.
  • Appointments by Professional: Displays all appointments for the day. If the professional does not have access to other professionals at the clinic, they will only see his own appointments.
  • Revenue by Health Insurance: Separates the appointments by insurance, showing the billing for each insurance and the attendances made by it. It is possible to sort by payment date or appointment and can be done between the days defined by the user. You can also choose to view from a single insurance, or all.
  • Productivity by Insurance: Displays separately the number of calls per insurance, separated by type, professional and insurance. It can also be filtered by day and month
  • General Revenue and Expenses: Demonstration of all professional or clinic billing. It can be filtered by payment method, day and month.
  • Professional Split: Demonstrates the appointments provided by the professional, those received and pending. At the end, it shows the percentage of the professional, the clinic and the total, for the appointments.

6 - Applications


The application is available for Android, iOS and can be used in your phone's browser, either through the alternative application.




iPhone / iPad


The video shows how to download the alternative application, which can be done through your browser.

If by any chance the option to add to your desktop does not appear, press the padlock next to the site name, select the site settings and select the option Clear data

Explanation: can be used by your computer's browser or by downloading the application.




The video shows how to download the application through the browser.

If the option does not appear for you, press the padlock next to the site name, select the site settings, and select the Clear data option

As an alternative to the Apple App Store app, you can use the alternative app.

  • Open Safari
  • Type "" in the address bar
  • Click on the share icon
  • Select "Add to Home Screen"
  • Add

There you go, a shortcut has been created on the iOS screen, allowing you to use it just like the App Store application.

install, iOS, iPad, iPhone, alternative, web

Make sure your Google Drive is full. (Drive full prevents writing new information).
On this link you can view the drive and organize it by size for better viewing:

Try turning Google Drive sync off and on again.

If the issue persists, you will need to remove Consultório permissions from your Google account and enable sync
to accept the permissions again.
In this link it is possible to remove the Consultório permission so that it can request again:

If your files are not showing up, check that the account used to connect to Google Drive is the same as the one used previously. The Google Drive account does not have to be the same email as the user on

Google Drive, Problems, Drive, Google, patient files

We no longer offer this login option, you need to use your Google email and create a password to login.

This action will not erase or change any of your data saved in the app.

To create a password for your Google email click here.

Average ticket is the total amount of revenue divided by the amount of payments.

Medium ticket, ticket


In order to completely delete your user account, as well as all associated data, it's necessary to be logged into your account.


Settings More Settings Delete Account


After making this request, your account will immediately become inaccessible. The deletion process will be carried out in the coming days, resulting in the complete removal of your data from all of our records.

Yes, there will always be a version with basic functionality and no quantity limits.

Yes, there is a premium version with many extra features.
For more information visit

You must be using an email account different from the one you used before.
Try with your other email accounts, if you still can't find it, let us know.

Yes, it is possible.
This functionality is available in the premium version.
For more information visit:

Data imports from other systems depend on an individual analysis, we can evaluate the possibility.
A service fee may be charged, please contact us.

The application depends on the internet to work, most problems happen due to connectivity error or slowness of your device. Try restarting your device.

Yes, send us an email from your current account informing which email you want to change to.
The email should be sent to

Premium Subscription

If you have not already done so, you can subscribe at

The value of the subscription is always according to the number of professionals.
Contact us through so that your subscription is changed to the number of professionals you want.

You can request the cancellation of your subscription through the link
When requesting the cancellation you lose immediate access to all the functions available in the Premium Subscription, including access to other Clinics and other Professionals registered in your account.
Only payments made after the cancellation request are eligible for a refund.

If you just want to change the number of professionals or suspend your account please contact

Renewing your subscription is the same procedure as doing a new one. Visit

Select the subscription period, the intermediary, the payment method and the number of licenses


All data is in the cloud in a secure environment, this allows you to have simultaneous access anywhere, you can access it from your computer at home, on the tablet in your clinic and on your cell phone at any time.
We use companies that are market leaders, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, thus using their security infrastructure.
Information such as patient records are stored encrypted in the database.

Patient information may be used for statistical purposes only and will not be provided to third parties.
Patient contact information will not be used for advertising or direct mail purposes.

This information is available in the terms of use and in the privacy policy of the application.

The data is yours and there is no interest in passing on that information.
We take the necessary measures like encryption and https connection for your security.
We have automatic backup of all information, in addition you can always do your personal backup using the data export tools on the application settings.

Yes, it is possible.Yes, it is possible.
Use the option to backup / export your data in the settings area.
All your data is exported in a common format (Microsoft Excel). The backup will be available on site for 7 days, after the time ends, you will need to request it again.


It's free, any questions, suggestions or requests for help, just contact us through the contact area or send an email to
Please be brief.

System Use

For security reasons Whatsapp does not allow links to be sent to people with whom you have not started a conversation

To solve this problem, send a message to the patient before or after sending the link, so that it becomes accessible again

To view a patient's history go to Patients, select the patient you want to view the history, press the "..." button and select history.

It is important to remember that this is an exclusive premium subscription feature

Just use the "Files / Export" option in the settings area.

Within 48 hours your backup will be available for download in the same area.

Just use the "Files / Export" option in the settings area.

Within 48 hours your backup will be available for download in the same area, in this backup you will find all your payment details for the year

Just access the settings of your auto scheduler QRCODE (Download).

After that, you will be able to view the QR Code for your profile.

This code can be used for you to print, create flyers, place at the reception of your establishment or anywhere you can promote your services.

QR Code, Code, qrcode


The functionality of Indicators is used to clearly and tabularly monitor the results of exams, tests, and so on.

The functionality can be used for any type of monitoring that is possible with numerical values.

For example:
Laboratory Exams:
  • HEMOGLOBIN (g %)
  • FOLIC ACID (ng/ML)
Weight/Measurements Control:
  • WAIST (cm)
  • TORSO (cm)
  • ARM (cm)
  • LEG (cm)
  • BODY FAT (%)
It is necessary to inform the date, name, and value.
The indicators will be displayed in a tabular form in the patient's record.
It is possible to save the names of indicators to facilitate filling them out.
This option is located in Settings Templates Indicators

patient record, results, table, laboratory exams, monitor, patient's profile

It is possible to add an illustrative signature to be automatically included in your prints and PDFs.

Settings / Professional Information / Illustrative Signature

  • Thick tip pen
  • Blank sheet of paper without lines or wrinkles
  • Flat surface
  • Well lit place

  • Make your signature in the center of the page
  • Place the sheet on a flat surface
  • Take a photo from above as close as possible and without leaving a shadow
  • Use your phone's photo editing tool
  • Use the crop option and leave only the signature part of the image
  • The result should be similar to the example below.

Original photo: (cropped)

Processed image:

The image will be processed automatically when added, now you can add your signature to printed documents using the option on the icon.

This signature will only be used for illustrative purposes and has no legal validity nor is it recognized as a digital signature for recipes.


A spreadsheet containing the name and number can serve as an efficient tool for organizing, analyzing, and managing information.


Messenger Select group, message, and date.
After confirming, at the bottom next to the button, you will find the spreadsheet download icon .


An email reminder for an appointment serves to alert and reinforce the memory of a future appointment or commitment, helping to ensure that the person is aware of the date, time, and relevant details of the appointment. This facilitates planning and organization, reducing the risk of forgetting and improving punctuality for appointments.


Settings Reminder Messages Automatic E-mail (To enable or disable) and Email Text (to customize the text).

No, the application is based on the cloud and depends on the internet to work.

No, you can record as many patients, appointments and records as you like.

Yes, you can send reminders via email, SMS and WhatsApp.
To send SMS reminders you need to use your device's SMS functionality.

Yes, it is possible.
This functionality is available in the premium version.
For more information visit:

Yes, it is possible.
This functionality is available in the premium version.
For more information visit:

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