What's the difference?


There is no limit on the number of appointments.
Register as many patients as you need, there is no limit to the number of registered patients
Reduce the number of absences for your patients by sending appointment reminders.
The messages come ready to send with all the information of the appointment.
Add evolutions and history to each patient record, in text format, in a simple and organized way.
Keep a daily or monthly control of all the revenues of your clinic.
Clear, simple and uninterrupted visual.
We do not display third-party advertisements.
Your workflow wherever you need it.
You can request a backup of all your data at any time through the settings area.
Your data is exported in a Microsoft Excel file.

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Everything in the free version +
Add users to manage your clinic appointments.
You can have access control to all permissions, such as finances, payments, and medical records.
A simple and easy way to carry out teleconsultations with your patients, your patients do not need to register or install the app, just send the access link via WhatsApp or SMS.
Using your Google Drive account, you can save all the files you want for your patients.
You can view, by period range and scheduling type, which patients you can contact again to schedule new appointments, thus increasing your clinic's revenue.
Several reports available of productivity and financial.
Enable a page for your patients to schedule their own appointments, they will be able to choose the time and inform the registration data for an appointment request.
It is also possible to add an auto scheduling widget on your website.
Add other professionals to your clinic, you can share patients but select what kind of informartion do you want to share.
Create forms with checkboxes and questions.
It is very simple to create and the information in the medical records is well organized.
You can send questionnaires via WhatsApp or SMS to your patients for pre-consultation, follow-up or post-consultation. The information filled in by the patient is saved directly in his/her medical record.
Use your webcam or camera phone to take pictures of your patients
Request confirmation of attendance by WhatsApp, SMS and E-mail.
Your patient receives a unique link for confirmation.
Create elaborated templates using keywords and use it for reminders, informatives, notifications or to sell your services.
Customize using your logo on the screens, reminders and reporting.
Synchronize your appointments with Google Calendar and get access to all features like reminders, monthly view, yearly view
Have better control inactivating patients you no longer see.
Ideal for those who work at different times and periods during the week
Receive an alert and send messages to your patients on their birthdays.
Keep track of all your expenses with reports
Create, store and print medical prescriptions of your patients with your information and logo.
You can create your custom templates and share it.
Increase the security of your account by requiring an authentication token to log in.
Create, store and print medical certificates of your patients with your information and logo.
You can create your custom templates and share it.
Print and share your patients orders.
There's already a lot more than that and we are always developing new exclusive features.


Store files

Attach files to your patients records.
Use your Google Drive account as storage.


Work together with other professionals and schedules.
Shared access to all patient information.
Individual financial and performance reports.

Customize your way

Customize with your logo or image.
Set the opening hours for each day of the week.
More options for organizing your patients.


Add users to manage your clinic appointments.
You can have access control to all permissions, such as finances, payments, and medical records.

Premium Support

Fast priority support.
24h for emergencies.

Try it for free

Try the Premium version for free for 7 days.
You can activate it from the settings area.
Credit card is not necessary.

You are free to go

You can always go back to the free version.
Your data remains accessible.
There is no extra fee, fine or minimum stay.

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Can I try it before I pay?
Yes. It is possible to activate the Premium version for free for 7 days from the settings area.

If I subscribe to Premium, is it possible that later on I can go back to the free version?
Yes. Only the Premium features will be disabled.

If I choose the annual plan, is there a discount?
Yes, two-month discount compared to the monthly plan.

If I need to cancel, how do I do it?
Just fill out the cancellation form.

How does the Premium version work?
Additional features will be enabled for your account and you will continue to use the same database that you already use in the free version.

Any other questions?
Talk to us here or at